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Bringing together the legacy of the past and the promise of the future.

Who we are.

Pittsburgh Public Media was formed by employees of WDUQ in January 2010 for the purpose of purchasing the station. After many months of negotiations, our higher bid for the station was not accepted and we were left to regroup.

Our partner group, PubMusic, has kept the spirit alive with The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel, a highly successful internet channel designed to provide Jazz programming to the area. Tony Mowod and other staffers including Scott Hanley, Chuck Leavens, John Lasanich and Bill Hillgrove are on air there providing the music you enjoyed for so many years.

Through the real partnerships we maintained over the years, Pittsburgh Public Media is now on the airwaves and growing to an even greater regional asset.

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Contact Information.

Pittsburgh Public Media
2560 Brownsville Rd #456
South Park PA 15129



Please consider donating to Pittsburgh Public Media, to advance the cause of community-supported jazz radio in Pittsburgh.

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About Pittsburgh Public Media

Pittsburgh Public Media (PPM) is a team of community leaders and former WDUQ staff members who are committed to sustainable, listener-centered public radio focused on Jazz and our region's unique musical cultures.

Formed in 2010 to mount an employee buyout of the license for 90.5FM,

Pittsburgh Public Media is an affiliate of PubMusic, advancing the cause of community-supported jazz radio in Pittsburgh.

PPM Board of Directors

Ronald W. Schuler, Chairman
Managing Member, Spilman Thomas and Battle

Chuck Leavens, President
CEO, PubMusic

Bob Brandenstein, Treasurer
Retired VP, Mellon Financial

H.B. Barnett, Secretary
VP Marketing & Communications, PubMusic

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