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About WYZR 88.1FM

General background on the Pittsburgh region's jazz radio station.

Independent, Listener-Supported Public Radio

WYZR 88.1 FM is licensed to Pittsburgh Public Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which has been working to ensure that jazz has a radio home in Pittsburgh since 2010. Operated in collaboration with PubMusic, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that produces The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel, WYZR is made possible by generous individual and corporate donors. Make your tax-deductible donation today!

General Manager's Message

Hello friends,

It's been a long hard climb to bring Jazz back and WYZR is only one step.

In 2011, many very good people with over 300 years of combined broadcasting experience were left to find new visions and new projects. We were like a work family and most of us decided to stick together because we so believed in what we did at WDUQ. The experience of building the most successful public radio station in the market, with listenership and donor support which to this day has been unequalled, was more than a job. We believed then, as we do now, in the power of jazz and the magic of radio.

We believe in Jazz as an art form and as a way of life. While jazz has a great history, we do not believe Jazz is a museum piece from long ago--NO! It is a living breathing wonderful representation of the human spirit, its highs and lows, its heartache and joy. It is a continuum. It has been and is the future. Where else can you play 6 different songs from 6 different eras of American music and have it flow like it was recorded two weeks ago?

I have been asked, why start with 88.1FM, which is not a Pittsburgh signal? I am fond of saying that doing nothing is unacceptable. Doing nothing because it is not the perfect solution is more so. While the signal reaches only the south and west areas of Pittsburgh, it is indeed a start. The signal goes up to Youngstown and almost to Cambridge, Ohio and well past Wheeling. It is substantial where it is but it can be made stronger in more areas. It can be made stronger in Pittsburgh. To that end we have retained two of the best consulting FCC engineers in the world to work on the issues. Being online as "The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel" was a first step. Just getting on FM radio is another big step. Growing the service in all ways is what we are about, just as we were at WDUQ.

A station without its staff is just a frequency, it is not a success by itself. It is the staff that made WDUQ the major success it was and we take all we have learned over these many years and bring it to bear on this project. Always moving forward. Always growing. Always learning new things and expanding our horizons is what we are about. Not being afraid of risk and yet making sure that the enterprise is always on solid fiscal footing are very important to us. The friends we have made over they years are important to us. Our relationship to you was never broken between us, between this staff and you.

This staff is so good at what it does it is an immense joy to watch. I hope it is a joy to listen. Please bear with us as we grow and expand and don't forget that we work on the one step at a time principle and we continually work those steps. We are honored to be back. Thanks.

Chuck Leavens

General Manger, WYZR 88.1 FM

President, Pittsburgh Public Media