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You are listening to a radio station come on and you hear some British voices then they cut off and Lena and Lennie by Quincy Jones comes on. Then you hear a room full of people say "Keep a bit of love in your heart and a taste of Jazz in your soul"

Then Tony Mowod comes on live and says "..before we were so rudely interrupted.."

We do have news for you! We are on the air. WYZR 88.1 is our first station.

It's going to take the community coming together again to expand the coverage. It's a start to being on our way to being back. But we need your help.

We must raise the needed funds to do it.

It's not a dream. It is reality. WYZR is on the air NOW!

Before WDUQ was sold members spoke out strongly in support. In order to come back we need you in a very special way.

Find out more about the station and our plans.

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