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Coverage area of the signal.

Detailed Map One-
This shows the general overall coverage area. Areas in yellow are strong signals. Areas in red indicate less or spotty coverage

Detailed Map Two-

This map is the same as Map Two except the downtown and east coverage that is our first priority is circled.

As you can see it is a station that needs signal improvements. We have acquired the station and are now on the air. It's time to start on the signal imporovements. Please pledge your support today.


Not only will the new station's format pick up where WDUQ left off, the studios of 88.1FM will be outfitted with some of the original WDUQ studio equipment. For that, we offer grateful thanks to EPM/WESA, for selling the package to PPM’s partner organization, PubMusic. We applaud WESA’s great cooperative spirit!

Most of all, thank you to the most amazingly loyal, tenacious, patient people in the world: Jazz fans. It’s been a heck of a long space between the notes, but the band’s just about to kick in again.


Will I be able to hear the new station where I live?

The signal as is reaches into the South Hills of Pittsburgh, which includes Greentree, Mt. Lebanon, Peters Township, Upper St, Clair and South Park as well as Weirton, Steubenville, and other areas in and around the West Virginia panhandle.

Can the 88.1 signal reach further?
The base signal can improve a bit, certainly in quality and reliability. We have replaced the transmitter and much other equipment. We will also use other techniques to improve the signal for the Pittsburgh area. Each signal improvement takes time and we must do it one step at a time. The first step is here, now it's time to move ahead and we need your financial support to do that.

What will the new station sound like?
Our focus will be jazz programming. PubMusic, formed by the creative and technical team behind WDUQ, has agreed to partner with PPM to provide programming and technical services to the new station. At bare minimum, 88.1 will air the programming currently heard on The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel; our goal is to restore live DJs to the air as soon as possible.

So, I have to ask… is this financially sustainable?
You bet. With a very low debt load and extremely reasonable operating costs, 88.1
FM will be able to run very efficiently. By partnering with PubMusic, PPM is able to build the studios and program the station immediately and at minimal cost. Of course, we’ll be able to offer a wider variety of services (live DJs, remote broadcasts, studio performances) as finances allow.

The Simplified Coverage Map to the right shows the strongest coverage within the innner circle.

The next circle represents spotty or more difficult coverage.

The outer circle represents very spotty and often interfered with coverage. There are areas that are at higher elevations such as the Greentree area that can hear the station well. Higher elevations will tend to have coverage in areas that are the outer rings of the map.

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